Why to date in Asia?

The popularity of Asian girls is already a known fact. They are cute, smart, sexy, and great helpers to a man. One can never find such a thing on the west or in Europe.
But if appreciating their advantages is an easy thing, attracting them and making them happy can be a challenge. Read our tips on how to date a Asian woman and you’ll always be well-equipped.
Asian girls value politeness. Maybe they aren’t too sophisticated and glamorous (some of them are anyway) but they are indeed shy, modest and well-behaved. That is typical for them.
Although they like confident men, the confidence and rudeness are different things. Be polite and don’t make too obvious sexual hints or jokes, and Asian girls will gladly be yours.
They like positive thinking. Asian girls don’t know anything about melancholy and depression. They enjoy life! They laugh and cheer each other most of the time, you’ll see that.
So these playful chicks simply cannot be attracted to the moody man. They won’t understand that even if he considers himself enigmatic or a serious hard-worker. If you want to get a girl, smile!
Keep the distance. We are not talking about professionals working in bars and clubs, but genuine authentic girls in Asia definitely don’t like intensive hugs and frank kisses on a first date.
Due to their culture, they don’t accept friendly kisses and hugs either. Better don’t touch them at all before you make sure the ice is broken and she invites you to get closer for sure.
A gentleman behaviour never hurts. It shouldn’t be something outstanding, but for enchanting her you should completely quit swearing and other bad habits. Well, at least try, make an effort.
Be attentive to her, hold the door and get her ice-cream. You should also learn some of the Asian gestures and polite words to assimilate better. It’s for your own comfort and pleasure.
From the Asian point of view, generosity isn’t about very expensive stuff but about just normal everyday stuff. A modern Asian woman can surely afford the dinner or the bottle of perfume.
But it’s not the same as receiving all that from a nice man. The money you’re spending on her is not a simple courtship but a sign that you are financially stable enough for starting a family.
Ask about her family members’ health and well-being as often as you can. Asian girls are very close to their families. They share all the news with them and bring the guy home quickly.
It happens as soon as things are getting serious. She literally adores them so friendly questions about their personalities and traditions shall melt her heart in no time, simplifying your way.

Top reasons why Asian girls want western men

Dating an Asian girl is the easiest task if you care about her and her family, surprise them, show your interest and respect towards their culture, appreciate their food and their nice attitude.
Being sincere and marriage-minded helps too. It can happen that your Asian girl isn’t from a bigger town and she didn’t get a proper education. It will affect your communication.
If she is from a province and lives in a small modest house, you shouldn’t show that you are shocked or disgusted by the poverty inside and the mud outside of the house. Keep cool.
It demands a certain degree of open-mindedness, too. You are here to be her saviour anyway. It makes no sense to be snobby or arrogant while visiting Asia. Local folks are very simple people.
They work hard, respect each other, and remain loyal and faithful no matter what. It’s just natural for them. So don’t flirt with another chick in your girl’s presence, that’s a bad idea.
It will be hard for her to understand or forgive such a behaviour. You can get acquainted with Asian beauties through any Asian dating app with chat. These girls usually speak at least basic English.
They surely own or can find a place with a computer and high-speed Internet to keep in touch, even if their own hut has no modern technologies in it. In this case, chatting will not be too naughty.
It’s about the pretty girl who wants to find her prince charming from the west. Surprisingly, you can also conquer an Asian woman by showing her you’re a believer and share her faith.

Where to find an Asian bride?

Doesn’t matter if you’re after hookups or marriage with an Asian girl, it’s possible to find both categories online without spontaneous travelling to one of Asian countries.
It is already proven that women in Asia adore using their gadgets, and ready to do that all day long, sometimes all night long too. They are addicted to selfies, video chatting, and stuff like that.
That’s why dating experts are calling Asian girls the smartphone girlfriends: they really are, and they are self-humorous enough to accept that nickname. They are always online!
There are already several generations of Asian brides who found their partners through the Internet or paper mail correspondence, so nothing surprises them in this process.
By statistics, they meet local partners by the same scheme too, and only very wealthy parents are suggesting compatible partners for their children offline, but we aren’t after billionaires.
Asian women are a bit less selective when it comes to choosing a dating app, than western or Eastern European ladies. They analyze less, and mostly rely on popular promotions.
It explains their choice of these apps below, but in any case, they are open for the communication and western men can easily attract them online, as well as offline.

No. 3 app. AsianMelodies

Reportedly, this dating app contains female members from 30 Asian countries which is surely impressive. Girls love using it since it’s simple and stylish at the same time.
Any super popular dating structures attract a certain number of fraudulent persons, so just use a common sense while chatting there and you’ll be fine. Many girls are real and genuine.

No. 2 app. AsianDating

This app and site is more popular and contains even a bigger number of members. It is very well advertised so both men and women trust it very much. It has less fraud too.
However, the database is still formed by dating agencies mostly, so the platform remains too commercialized and men cannot feel completely at ease while using it and chatting there.

No. 1 app. Brilic

This Asian dating app was good and client-oriented from the beginning, but it became popular in Asia only in 2019. Women appreciate its design, new features, dating blog, and much more.
There are no intermediaries at all, Asian girls do not suggest to meet with an interpreter or through the agency, and all sides find this platform reliable enough for their search.