The main characteristics of Thai girls and Chinese girls

All Asian women are sexy. If you agree with this postulate, means you’re a great admirer of Asian type of appearance! Then which nationality do you prefer to date and why?
Chinese women and Thai girls are ones of the most popular in Asian dating. What unites them, is financial availability since they are quite modest and non-demanding.
But all the rest is different, so if you want to decide where to go for dating, to China or Thailand, take these differences into account and analyze well before visiting.
For someone who isn’t into Asian beauty, all Asian women seem to be similar, but Chinese girls obviously differ from Thai physically. Both are mostly petite, yet the face types are different.
There is a joke about Chinese people, that they often look like cloned ones. Only if you already lived in China for a while, you start to see individual features from the first sight.
But it also means that all Chinese girls are equally cute without exception, while some of them are gorgeous beauties who become top models, actresses, singers, and so on.
Thai girls have very bright and obvious individual traits even for a beginner, and their features are somewhat softer. They smile a lot, unlike serious Chine women who are occupied with duties.
Experienced daters say Thai girls are rarely model-looking but all of them are very sweet, pretty, and feminine. Some look conservative while others dye their hair and have piercing.
As to Asian women character, it also differs from country to country. Chinese women used to be submissive for centuries but now they are a bit more progressive in all areas.
They didn’t turn to dominating females, but they like to take equal decisions in a relationship and they may take the initiative in a bed from time to time. They aren’t experimenting much though.
While Thai girls mostly remain subs, they are extremely open for the experiments since pleasing men is their direct specialty bringing them survival. They are great masseurs, too.

How to date a Chinese woman vs Thai?

No one finds dating a Thai girl difficult, these hotties are really waiting for a foreign man’s attention cause it’s in their mentality since a long time. Thailand is the top touristic place in Asia.
Dating in China has its own nuances. It’s important to know pre-history before even trying. All this nation is very hard-working, but they appear less stressed lately due to their technical progress.
Chinese men simply don’t tend to be lazy, and they are known to be caring husbands. So why would Chinese girls ever chose to date westerners or Europeans? There is an answer.
For many years, there was a baby birth restricting law in China that forced millions of families to abort babies especially when suspected girls, since male descendants were more important.
When for any reason a girl was already born, she was usually secretly given to relatives or friends who had no kids. So a child had to grow up away from her biological parents.
This historical fact is still painful for most of females. Being afraid that it can be repeated, they do not hesitate to relocate to any other country and settle down there when possible.
None traditions or inter-racial attitude can keep existing in a potentially hostile environment, and a woman shall always chose her future kids' safety over loyalty towards her country.
That’s why Chinese girls run to a foreigner with no smaller enthusiasm than Thai girls, although for a different reason. They are able and willing to work hard in another country as well.
Chinese women can be a hookup material but they’re mostly a wife material, very dedicated to their husbands. Thai hookup girls are thankful to their lovers but rarely serious and determined.

How to turn on an Asian woman?

There are plenty of men who feel great only if they satisfy a woman as well, instead of getting pleasure by themselves only. They might be curious to know how to turn on a Chine girl or Thai.
Dating experts have a different opinion on this matter, but they all agree that pleasing a Chinese girl is close to what you do in your own country, with less demanding females.
Just keep in mind that approaching them requires persistence. They really got used that local men hunt them with naughty compliments and gifts, so they expect this for each admirer.
Thai girls aren’t the same. First of all, they know foreigners are for survival and local men are for reproduction. They are not programmed to get pleasure, they are programmed to give it.
Just take a look at those generational masseurs and bar girls, their mothers and grandmothers taught them how to do that. They really aren’t able to deeply fall in love or get passionate.
On another side, you can take it as a challenge. They are surely feminine and sensual, you just have to change their focus from local lovers to yourself. Many tricks can be used for that.
When a Thai woman is sexually awaken by a foreign man, she is as grateful and welcoming as a western woman can never be. So it’s really worthy of one’s efforts and all the play.
The very first thing to do is giving her a hope that you may stay in Thailand for good. It’s not surprising Thai women don’t want to leave that paradise land; it is too beautiful, relaxing, and warm.
Once they get an impression you’ll live there and own a house there, they’ll change their attitude completely. They will perceive you as a potential head of the family, and open more.
Maybe someone expected to read here, which particular places to penetrate on a Thai girl’s body, but that is a known fact that women’s physical excitement starts from her brain.
So once you give her certain ideas and promises, her body will start working differently as well. Otherwise, Thai women have no taboos in a bed. As masseurs and escort specialists, they do all.
Of course, there is always a risk that a girl will reduce your sexual activities together to the classical ones when she transfers you into the fiancée category from the lover and client category.
But lots of men managed to have an open-minded Thai girlfriend who welcomed even threesomes and the bravest sex in public places. Well, it isn’t hard to do on moony Thai beaches.

How to marry a Chinese woman or Thai woman

Although the vast majority of men come to China and Thailand for hookups, there are always men who sincerely want to marry a good woman. How to do that in these two countries?
A Thai girl would be surprised that a man is serious, first of all. They used to visitors who are after sex or massage only, and they know the competition is huge that’s why surprised.
But after a short time, it’s possible to gradually convince them by taking care of their family members, spending long hours with them, and discussing common plans for the future.
Once they are convinced, none extra traditions or customs are needed. Thailand differs from Indonesia or even the Philippines, it’s easy to marry a woman there like if it was a western one.
As to Chinese women, they already know they are in a high demand among foreigners, exactly as brides. They are great helpers, modest, down-to-earth, yet sexy and youthful.
So, many of them are prepared to meet someone from abroad, but they are also very rational, and no one wants to get trapped within the wrong partnership. They need some ensurance.
However, if you state from the beginning you have marital plans, and you do have them, a Chinese woman will do absolutely everything to participate in these plans and do her part well.