Dating Chinese Women: Tips to Gain an Edge

A large portion of men seeking Chinese women want to settle down sooner than later. They have either grown frustrated with the women they usually date or think a change of pace is needed to find the serious relationship they have longed for. Since you’re playing for keeps, you want to gain an edge in the dating game. In other words, you want to meet the woman of your dreams, sweep her off her feet, and live in wedded bliss minus the hurdles. Here is how to do just that and break through any cultural barriers. 

Prepare to Peel Back Many Layers

Chinese girls seem very shy and humble on the surface. As those initial nerves diminish and the two of you get acquainted, you will discover that you’re not so different after all. There are many layers to women from China and the men they date get the honor of discovering them all. You may find that the girl you are talking to is really talented, shares your love of sports or has a very sexy, playful side. Have fun exploring!

Focus on Her Confidence

Putting effort into making her feel confident will increase the amount of physical affection you get. A great technique to build confidence fast is complimenting her, just do so subtly to avoid coming off as disingenuous. After some time, she will think, "Wow, this man really likes me” and start displaying affection like resting her head on your shoulder and casually touching you during conversations. When that happens, consider it an invitation to promote more closeness. 

Chinese Dating: How to Date Chinese Girls

Always Be Respectful 

Chinese women will not tolerate a man with a hot temper so always maintain a respectful tone when speaking to her and others. Using vulgarities and showing any signs of a bad temper may demolish her feelings for you. Of course, you can’t mask your emotions throughout the entire relationship so learning to handle them better is the way to go. A firm tone can replace an angry one and make sure that you keep the girl.

Remain Modest in Social Situations

You may be the guy that inserts life into social situations, want to work the room, and engage in lively conversation with anyone who will participate but do not draw much attention to yourself. It is important to be friendly just not so much that you make a scene. No one likes an attention seeker, especially in Chinese society.

Ask About Her Parents’ Health

Even if the relationship is not serious enough to actually meet her parents, asking about them will warm her heart and instantly increase her attraction to you. Whether you are sitting down to dinner or just hanging out, casually ask how their health is and keep in mind anything she may have mentioned about her family.

Avoid Drinking in Excess

Chinese women pay close attention to a man’s alcohol consumption. The last thing they want is a partner with a drinking problem. Alcoholism is becoming an issue in China.