Why do men prefer Asian hookups over marriage?

Let’s not hide, the majority of men find marrying an Asian woman too exotic, and prefer to have a casual affair with her. It’s a perfect option for a vacation, seasoned relationship, or one-night-stand.
But Asian ladies shouldn’t underestimate themselves, westerners rarely marry them for various reasons not depending on women’s personalities, appearances, or disadvantages.
For example, marriage in the Philippines almost never happens because of the impossibility to get divorced. It takes a lot of time, and big amounts of money to finally divorce there, so men get fears.
Moreover, lots of Filipina women get married to locals at a very young age, and cannot afford the divorce process when things go bad. So a western man should organize this by himself.
Marrying an Indonesian woman, particularly in Bali, also has unpleasant nuances. A Christian man won’t be able to do that unless he convert into Muslim, officially. Not everyone is ready.
Marrying a Chinese girl is always a lottery, since it’s known in advance that she just wants to get another citizenship and relocate in order to avoid silly laws of China and protect her future kids.
While South Korean women are all overcontrolled by their mothers and other relatives, and can never get rid of their total control even after they get married to a foreign man.
The list could be really long, but Asian – western marriages indeed aren’t simple and have too many nuances to deal with so it’s no surprise men chose casual sex in Asia instead.

How to seduce an Asian girl

In general, Asian women are submissive in intimate regard and expect a lot of initiative from men. Westerners shouldn’t ignore these expectations especially while competing with the locals.
At the same time, it makes sense to exceed local men and show a better attitude. In each Asian country, the secret is different but it always brings success if to use the knowledge.
• Singaporean girls are showered with the gifts and money offers from local men which annoys them, so they expect a mild courtship and equal treatment from a foreigner.
• South Korean girls like being forced to kiss by locals, but they are also mocked and ignored by narcissistic Koreans so it’s a relief for them to see a sincere westerner.
• Filipina women are misused completely by their local men, no money, no respect, only sex and mindless impregnating. Western guys make a big difference.
Chinese women often complain their local men are absolutely immature and unnecessarily rude. Wise, calm, independent, and polite western men impress them.
• Indonesian women are treated by their men like birth machines, not even humans. They are happy to be desired and appreciated as personalities and tender lovers.
• Japanese women know their local men are obsessed with work and sexual perversions. They are extremely relieved to make love classically and enjoy free time together.
• Vietnamese girls think their men are cruel like in ancient times. These women are very cheerful and positive and they hope to receive the same attitude from a man.
• Thai girls are given up by their locals since men know their brides are desired by tourists. These women hope to meet someone who would promise them stability.
• Hong Kong women differ from Chinese ones. They complain to work harder than their local boyfriends. So they hope to find a man who would be a hard-worker too.
• Mongolian girls are stuck in old times with their local admirers, so they are pretty excited to travel and explore the world of new opportunities with a western man.
• Sri Lankan girls are treated like objects by locals, they constantly feel like they’re owned. They’d give everything for some respect and appreciation from a foreigner.
That’s an approximate list of seducing secrets, more of them are available on dating blogs and on travel experts’ themed pages. Each westerner has his own precious experience, too.

What things not to miss in a bed with Asian?

We all want this or that experience hoping to get certain impressions. Tourists eat the Fugu fish to try unusual taste and raise the adrenalin level. The same come to all other exotic stuff.
For today, Asian lovers are the most unique and interesting to try them on. As a bonus, each particular country brings something new into this spicy experience, and makes it even hotter.
• South Korean women are resilient enough and mentally ready for long hours of sex, so get prepared, be sexually hungry and in a good shape when you meet them.
• Japanese women used to play little girls with their lovers and experiment a lot with devices, so set your mind ready and enjoy this unusual horny entertainment.
• Chinese women are loud and wild when they make love, they scream, moan, and may scratch your back. But some men find it very exciting, and want to have more.
• Indonesian women are too modest and often happen to be virgins. So it’s a pleasure for more experienced men to teach them step by step how to be naughty lovers.
• Singaporean women claim their men are very primitive and plain in a bed, so the more ways to please each other you will show, the happier this Asian beauty will be.
• Filipina women, on the opposite, are treated like sex objects for perversions since their youngest years, so they really miss tender and romantic love making among nature.
• Thai girls usually have no problems with experiments far from classical stuff, such as massaging a couple or letting someone observe. Use this chance to the fullest!
• Vietnamese women are quite simple in their demands and expectations but they are very achievable, so one can have a super fruitful day game with a lot to harvest.
As you can see, Asian hookups are very intriguing and worthy of one’s efforts. Just like trying national dishes in different places, or enjoying local festivals, it differs from place to place.

Pros and cons of casual sex in Asia

Although Asia is huge and no common advice can be given, there are famous pros and cons of Asian hookups. Let’s try to gather them all together for each tourist’s convenience.
Women’s submissive behaviour in a bed is an advantage for most of men who are tired of bossy chicks. They find it fascinating that a girl is just accepting anything a man imposes.
At the same time, Asian girls are too shy and it’s difficult to re-educate them, to convince them get intimate in public or express their physical desire as openly as western women do.
It’s less typical for Asians to shave their delicate zones or trim them, even professional escorts or porno actresses don’t do that. So if it matters for you, initiate this process by yourself.
It’s quite difficult to find an Asian chick who would have big breasts. They tend to be flat, unless the plastic surgery is done. They’re rather a babygirl type, so take this into consideration.
Dating experts and experienced travellers recommend to always chose professionals over amateurs, since they’ll perform amazing practices on you that will be unforgettable.

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