Your Complete Guide to Dating Japanese Girls

Japanese girls are gems of the Asian dating niche. They are warm, caring and a blast to be around (once they break out of their shells). Want to learn more? Here is a complete guide to dating the stunners of Japan.

Meeting and Communication

Online Is Best

Online is the best place to meet single Japanese girls because 1. You know they like foreign men 2. They are seriously looking for a relationship and 3. The women on the site are open to corresponding. Having women who want to talk to you is the first step towards finding the one. Additionally, variety is on your side. Along with the beliefs, values and characteristics men can expect from Japanese women (which are strongly influenced by culture and society), compatibility plays a major role in finding a match. Since that is the case, focus on finding that spark, that chemistry and making a lasting connection.

Be a Leader… Always

Usually having to lead comes later when you are face to face with a gorgeous woman but Japanese women are different. Much like Thai women, Japanese women will not initiate contact. Dating is very traditional in Japan and women do not show any interest in men. Because of this, you have to make the moves. Say hello and introduce yourself, give her a call, suggest that you come and visit her, and always ask her out on dates. She will show her interest in other ways like being attentive and providing good company. Don’t worry, as a Japanese girl gets more comfortable with you, she will express her feelings more clearly. 

Meeting Face to Face

Liven Up Your Communication Style

The goal when corresponding with Japanese women online is taking a trip to Japan and sealing the deal with the object of your affection. When you do, be somewhat animated. There may be a language barrier which can make it difficult to break cultural communication roadblocks. To avoid awkward moments of silence and blank stares, use facial and hand expressions when engaging in conversation instead of quick wit. Oftentimes, energy is all you need to connect with another person and encourage romance.

Loosen Up

Japanese girls are very playful and fun so loosen up and try to make her laugh. Rather than cracking a joke, be goofy. She will join in and before you know it, the two of you will be laughing your heads off.

Be a Gentleman

Drive her to and from dates, arrive on time, bring her flowers, pamper her with sweet words and pull out her chair when dining out. Basic good manners will carry you far.

To Pay or Not to Pay?

Whether to pay for dates or not is a tricky subject that requires some careful navigation. Some girls from Japan think any man with good manners will pay while others prefer to pay their share or at least part of the bill. When you aren’t sure, plan to pay for dates. If she insists that she pay her portion, politely say that you have it covered. As for cases when a date doesn’t let up, do not argue. Instead, take charge and ask that she cover 20% of the bill. 

The Challenges

You Do Have to Ask Her What She Wants

Japanese women are very accommodating. Not so much that they are submissive but you will have to directly ask her what she wants. For example, if you want to go to a particular restaurant for dinner, a Japanese woman will just go with the flow. This may sound great but every man has that need to fulfill the woman he is with so regularly check in with her. 


Japanese women are conservative and initiating sex can go really well or very poorly. Keep in mind that women from Japan will not jump into bed with anybody. Avoid rushing into anything physical, especially on the first date. As the relationship progresses, slowly build the level of intimacy until you reach the ultimate goal.