Malay Love: Tips for Connecting with Malaysian Women Online

Men love Malaysian beauties. Unfortunately, most have very little if any access locally. This is why dating websites are so popular. They allow people to explore the other options out there. The thing is, online relationships are hard to navigate in the first place and another curveball is thrown at you when seeking foreign women. Here is some advice to make it easy. 

Put Some Thought Into Your Profile

Chances are, you’re meeting Malaysian women online so you have to create a profile that will interest them. To do that, be as candid as possible in your profile description. If you are well-educated, make that clear. Are you looking to settle down rather quickly if you find the right woman? State that in your profile. As for other things to include, keep in mind that women from Malaysia are looking for men who will treat them well and have a good head on their shoulders. Additionally, add as many photos as you can. Everyone likes to view potential matches in different settings to really see how they look.  

Never Leave Her Hanging

A Malay woman will be very offended if the two of you are chatting online and you suddenly leave the conversation. State that you had a wonderful time chatting with her and let her know that you are ending the chat and logging off. Also, mention that you are looking forward to corresponding with her again (if you are). A gentlemanly exit is always the way to go. 

Avoid Using Emoticons

Malaysian women want a serious, masculine man so avoid the emoticons. It often leaves them with a bad impression. Most will think you are immature. The best way to interact and spark interest is by being direct and answering questions honestly. Seriousness is so important because it is the only way a woman will know you are serious about her.

Don’t Hesitate to Take a Chance

When you meet a woman or women who you can see yourself in a relationship with, begin talks of meeting face to face if you are in the position to take a trip to visit. You will flatter her and she will get some assurance that the relationship is moving in the right direction. When you do decide to take that chance, approach the visit with an open heart and mind. That is the only way you will be able to focus on attraction and romance. 

Never Send Money

Women from Malaysia are honest and straightforward but there are a few scammers that make their way through the cracks. Most are not even women from Malaysia and are fortunately removed from websites rather quickly. If you are ever talking to a woman who asks for money, stop communication immediately. When it comes time to meet, you visit her instead of sending money so she can come to you. If you choose to send her money after getting to know each other, that is your choice but any time before is strongly advised against.