Why Philippines Brides Love Foreign Men

Men like you should begin the journey of finding a Filipina bride with confidence. The beauties of the Philippines dream of marrying a man like you. You have ambition, passion, and the want to start a family of your own. You are a catch! Below are 4 reasons why Filipino women love foreign men.

Plain Attraction

Philippines brides are very attracted to foreign men because, in their minds, all are professional businessmen who take good care of the women they’re with. Filipinas often see their friends marrying and having children at a young age only to have their partners unwilling or unable to take care of the family. Western men are the complete opposite in their eyes. Your commitment and ability to support a family are very manly which drives them crazy!

They Have a Fascination with All Things Foreign

Filipinas have this fascination with all things from a new and exciting land. They like the people, the food, the clothes, the cities and the men. Part of this fascination has to do with inferiority that stems from them being under Spanish rule centuries ago. Despite the Philippines being a lovely place with a lot to offer, they see their country as being less than others and want to get away to explore. Those who know how attraction works are well aware that fascination sparks desire and overall romantic interest.

A Better Life

Filipinas dream of 1. Falling in love and 2. Living a better life. Many are from poor families who live on less than $1 a day or have a hard time establishing a stable life for themselves due to a lack of opportunities. Marrying a Western man will not only get them the family they have always longed for but offer the financial security they want before having that family. When you think about it, one of the many potential Philippines brides out there will better your life as well.


Most brides from the Philippines have the urge to travel and gain new experiences. Men from the west like Filipinas because they're exotic. You look forward to traveling, gaining new experiences and hopefully finding love in the process as well, right? Well, you can do that together. Women from the Philippines love the idea of living in another country, seeing new things, immersing themselves in Western culture and learning all that they can about anything and everything. Imagine impacting someone’s life like that?

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