Russian Women vs Asian Women: Similarities and Differences

Men looking for an international beauty to marry are often torn between Russian and Asian women. Both are attractive in their own way and a powerful driving force behind most guy’s decision is their physical type. Although attraction is important, Russian women vs Asian women is a topic worth exploring. Let’s delve into the mindset of both, what society has engrained in them as well as their approach to marriage and relationships. 


There is no Russian women vs Asian women when it comes to femininity since both exude great femininity and sexuality. The two put effort into keeping up appearances and give off this energy that drives men crazy. Russian women are very engaging. They have a lot of fun when interacting with men and can be really flirty once they are comfortable. On the other hand, Asian women have a gentle and soft yet flirtatious communication style. Both have body language in common as well. Even the way they walk is very sensual. That is why men find them irresistible.

Love and Care

Men who have married an Asian or Russian bride will say that she is the most loving and caring partner they have ever been with. When they enter a commitment, both are in it for the long haul. When an Asian or Russian girl finds the right guy, he instantly becomes her everything, her favorite person in the world. That means you will be on the receiving end of endless affection, nurturing and get to live with the security of having both a loyal lover and friend.


Despite the pressure and desire to marry, do not expect a Russian woman to be dependent. They are intelligent, strong-willed women who can take care of themselves. This makes them a good match for a guy looking for his equal. Many have furthered their education and established themselves in their chosen career field. The reason behind this has a lot to do with necessity. A large portion of bachelors in Russia are less than satisfactory meaning the women have to take care of themselves. This results in a large number of self-reliant females. Asian women are the same. In fact, modern, independent women is a growing trend in Asia. They are entering the workforce, living on their own, and doing the best they can to build successful lives for themselves. The number of Russian and Asian women entering the workforce may be growing but marriage remains the ultimate goal.

Overall Nature

When it comes to their overall nature, Russian women vs Asian women are polar opposites. Asian women are naturally timid and shy. Rather than this being a negative, it adds to their allure since they come across as very calm and collected. It can even be quite sexy, especially when playing coy. On the other hand, Russian girls are anything but timid. They are outspoken, outgoing and even passionately aggressive at times. Culture and society greatly influence these differences. 

Expectations and Demands

Russian women are not delicate flowers which is a term often used to describe Asian women. They are very vocal and have no problem letting men know what they want. In a relationship, a Russian woman expects and will sometimes demand the best. A Russian girl wants a gentleman who loves her, treats her right, and has impeccable manners. If you miss the mark, she will tell you. Although Asian women expect the same, they are less likely to complain. Because of this, it is wise that you check in with her to make sure she is happy with the way the relationship is going.

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