What You Must Know About Singapore Dating

Joining an online portal focused on connecting you with Singaporean women gives you instant access to available ladies with advanced degrees looking for true love. The island nation considered a city and country, is home to both Chinese and Malaysian women as well as a few other ethnicities. As a result, a large part of the population speaks Mandarin, English (which is great for you), Hokkien and Malay. Now that you know the basics, let’s discuss Singapore dating in more detail.

Singapore Women Are Very Trusting

You don’t have to break down that wall of uncertainty and skepticism when dating in Singapore. Instead, the prospect of a new relationship is approached with an open heart. This means conversations that are fun and friendly, genuine interest in getting to know you and you don’t have to navigate carefully composed questions used to decide whether you are a good person or not. Want to exchange info? You got it. Want to meet up? She’s open to it. Due to their trusting nature, you must maintain trust. If not, she will not speak to you again. 

Dating in Singapore is Not What You Think

After meeting someone great online and traveling to see her, you may have plans to wine and dine on the first date. This isn’t what dating means in Singapore. Dating to Singaporeans is simply meeting and doing things together which creates an addictively relaxed setting. This can be walking around window shopping, catching a quick bite to eat (just not in a formal setting), taking a walk or watching a movie. 

Avoid Hotels at All Cost

You know how there could be a nice restaurant in a hotel that may seem like a great place for a casual date? That may go over with some women but not with Singapore dating. Despite their trusting nature, taking a woman from Singapore anywhere with the word "hotel” in the name will lead her to think you are only interested in sex.

Don’t Bore Them

Those who have failed at Singaporean dating have one thing in common. They made the mistake of boring their love interest. To avoid that:
1. Be Spontaneous
Women from Singapore love nothing more than a man who knows how to take charge and take her on an adventure. Introduce her to new and exciting things in the spur of the moment and she will be smitten.
2. Make Her Laugh
It may be challenging to learn what she finds funny due to cultural differences but once you do, keep the laughs going!
3. Be Confident
Ladies from Singapore pay close attention to the way a man speaks and carries himself. They are looking for an eloquent, self-assured partner with manners.
4. Cook for Her
Even if you fail, it is the thought and effort that count. Be sure to save this move for later in the relationship when she invites you over or vice versa.

Enjoy Being Respected

Respect is definitely a highlight of Singapore dating. They know how to treat a guy right, are very attentive and excellent listeners. You also will not have to tolerate nagging and complaining. Enjoy it and reciprocate it to maintain a healthy, happy relationship dynamic. 

Give Gifts

There is something about obtaining items that Singaporean women love. They are not materialistic but simply like new things. Whether you decide to give her flowers, a stuffed animal or something more opulent, she will think you are amazing. It probably has to do with how well they treat men. As discussed, they are very respectful and loving so they like some appreciation in the form of occasional gifts.