Advice to Woo Thailand Girls Online

Wooing Thailand girls online is an art. They are delightfully different and handle dating in their own unique way. They prefer that things move slow, the little things impress them and they love masculine leaders. Below are six helpful pieces of advice to successfully woo a Thai beauty.

Lead the Conversation

Dating Thailand girls require you to be the leader 100% of the time. They like masculine men who are comfortable in the leadership position, therefore, develop those skills if you are not good at taking the reins. This means you decide what the two of you will talk about or do (when face to face) and she will just go with the flow. If you want input, you will have to ask. Otherwise, it is all up to you. 

Ask for a Friendship

Thailand girls like to take things slow so the path to their heart begins with friendship. When you find a girl that suits your fancy, first ask if the two of you can be friends. There is this certain level of comfort with friends in Thailand so establishing a friendship will put her at ease and make her very receptive to getting to know you. The best way to offer your friendship is sending a message introducing yourself, state what drew you to her profile and ask if she would like to be friends. 

Be Respectful

Always be respectful during any conversations with Thai girls. Don’t start sending her sexual messages or using inappropriate language. If you do, she will either ignore them or block you. Instead, inquire about her hobbies, her interests and what her life is like along with information about yours. Soon enough, you will discover commonalities you can use to keep the conversation going. Also, do not exit a chat without saying bye and setting up another talk later. It is just good manners. 

Keep Messages Simple

Since there may be a language barrier, keep messages simple and save the quick wit for another time. Hiccups in online correspondences put a damper on flow. Although simplicity is important, never allow conversations to go dull. Keep talks, friendly, upbeat and interesting. 

Give Her Breathing Room

Like all females, Thailand girls love attention but they also need room to breathe. To give her that breathing room, do not overwhelm her with messages and do not try to talk to her every day. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder so use it to your advantage. Once you give her that room, you may soon find her pursuing you in a gentle, very subtle way. 

Ask Her About Family

Some simple inquiring about family will definitely impress the Thai woman you have your eye on. Just delay those questions until the topic of family comes up. Family is valued in Thailand so connecting on that level is as good as gold. The topic you bring up is up to you. You can ask if she wants a family or ask how hers is doing.