Vietnamese Women: Dating Tips for Foreigners

Finding a lovely Vietnamese woman may fill the void present in your daily routine. If your average day consists of getting up, going to work and trying to give your love life the attention it deserves in the evening, it’s time to start connecting with Vietnamese women. Aside from being gorgeous, they are absolutely charming. Women from Vietnam are also incredibly kind and loyal to both their families and the special men in their lives. At this point, you are probably sold so all there is left to do is start connecting with Viet women. Below are five dating secrets every foreigner should know. 
1. Make the First Move
In Vietnamese culture, it is entirely up to the man to make the moves. It is actually frowned upon for a woman to spark a conversation with a man so when you see a woman you like, chat her up. As for how, just be polite. Introduce yourself, ask her name, share some facts about you and go from there. Before you know it, the two of you will be corresponding regularly. 
2. Plan and Pay
Men must always pay on dates with women from Vietnam. Many are from families with little money and they take pride in being with a guy who takes care of a woman. Viet women also long for a man who takes charge without being domineering or controlling. 
3. She May Bring a Few Friends
It may sound strange to foreigners but it isn’t uncommon for a group of friends to tag along on the first date. This helps her get comfortable with you but no worries, the two of you will enjoy private dates later. On dates, be a gentleman. Bring her flowers, pull out her chair, and open doors for her. Be mindful of the way you treat others as well. She will be watching.
4. Delay Your Advances
Respect is the center of Vietnamese dating so you want to delay any sexual advances. Wait until you get to know each other better before trying to build the physical aspect of the relationship. Otherwise, you may scare her away. When Viet women feel forced or objectified, it is hard to recover. Instead of focusing on the physical, put your efforts into developing a strong bond. First, discuss family and how yours is important to you. Then, talk about your career. Vietnamese women are enthralled by a hardworking guy doing well and earning a good living. It is not about the money (Vietnamese women are not gold diggers) but rather, a suitor’s ability to provide. Lastly, be honest. Women from Vietnam do not tolerate lying. If she catches you in a lie, you will not get a second chance.
5. Meet the Parents Soon
If you meet a spectacular woman and are sure you want to propose marriage, meet her parents as soon as you can. As stated, family is valued in Vietnamese culture so you want to impress your future in-laws A.S.A.P. To make a good impression, remember the following:

• Bring a gift.
This can be housewares, inexpensive jewelry, food or an alcoholic beverage. 

• Avoid any PDA besides hand holding. 
Anything more will create an awkward situation. 

• Address her parents as bố (father) and me (mother).
This shows respect for her parents.

• Greet by saying "Xin chao” bố, me, or the name of the family member you are meeting. 
Pronunciation is "seen chow”. If you get that right, their eyes will light up.

• Graciously accept all food and drink. 

• Smile even if you don’t understand what they are saying.

A friendly attitude is the best way to go.